Grease Guzzler®

How it works

Designed to perform, built to last

The Grease Guzzler® system is a biological alternative to a conventional grease trap.

Instead of trapping fat, oil and grease the Grease Guzzler® allows it to pass into the drain-line and then cleans the line biologically by injecting a solution of grease-digesting microbes at pre-programmed intervals.

The result is free-running drains with minimal odours and no trap to clean.

Delivering 10x more biofluid per dose than standard dosing systems

The Grease Guzzler® activated biological drain treatment system is a high performance grease management system trusted and used by 1000’s of catering industry professionals across the UK.

Featuring a unique patented pre-activation process the Grease Guzzler® works by automatically activating a culture of micro-organisms and then releasing them into the drainage system at the end of each day.

Once in the line the activated micro-organisms latch onto and degrade grease deposits and form a culture within the treated area which guards against accumulations.

By activating the micro-organisms prior to releasing them the Grease Guzzler® ensures that the active solution is ready to degrade grease as soon as it enters the line – so it starts working immediately.

A further feature of the Grease Guzzler’s patented pre-activation process is that by activating the micro-organisms within a solution they are caused to multiply which means that each night the releases 2750ml of grease digesting bio-fluid from just 27ml of S65 concentrate.

The two benefits of pre-activation are:

  1. A large volume of fluid is released into the drain each night – thus providing greater surface area coverage and a greater resilience to cleaning chemicals
  2. The micro-organisms are in optimum grease degrading condition as soon as they enter the drainage system



The unit is wall mounted and does not take up any valuable floor space or require any additional groundwork or plumbing for installation, as such installation into existing premises can be undertaken with relative ease. Location of the unit is normally in the wash-up area of the kitchen, close to the drainage wastepipe. Connections are very simple – cold water and electricity in, drain access out. The Grease Guzzler® is fully compliant with part H of the British Building Regulations as a stand alone system.

Dosing should occur close enough to the first sink or drainage discharge point so that grease cannot solidify in pipework upstream; whilst far enough downstream for the bio-products to be working within their optimum temperature range, 27-43 degrees C.

Watling Hope are pleased to advise on positioning of the unit, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

S65 BioFluid – ‘harnessing the power of nature’

S65 is the result of over six years research and development into biological grease management.

It comprises a harmless living medium comprising naturally occurring, non-pathogenic enzymes and micro-organisms.

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