Grease Guzzler®

Key benefits

No User Maintenance Required

Absolutely no staff involvement required – Watling Hope provide fully comprehensive maintenance at a fixed annual cost which means that staff time is spent on other matters and the owner of the site can be confident that the unit is working at all times. This ‘neglect- proof’ feature makes the unit particularly useful in managed public houses and high-turnover restaurants.

No Odours

Grease odours are unpleasant. Grease-traps are naturally odorous and can often give a false impression of a lack of kitchen hygiene. The Grease Guzzler® is different. Kitchens with Grease Guzzler’s have no open drainage and are odour-free.

No Blockages

One single blocked drain could can cause huge expense to a restaurant, hotel or supermarket. Grease is a common component in drain blockages, either as the problem or the trigger. By coating the pipework with a unique biological culture the Grease Guzzler® prevents grease deposits from accumulating and therefore to blockages.

Patented PreActivation

Unique patented technology allows the unit to release over 20 litres (5 gallons) of grease digesting biofluid each week into the drainage system, significantly more than other systems. The patented pre-activation process means that the micro-organisms in the fluid are ready to digest as soon as they enter the drainage system – unlike ‘cold dosing’ which relies on ambient drain temperature to activate the solution.

Cheaper through-life cost than in-ground greasetrap

When comparing staff time spent tending to grease traps and periodic emptying of a trap by tanker the Grease Guzzler® is significantly less expensive than a conventional grease trap. If a blockage occurs and kitchen downtime factored-in the cost benefits of Grease Guzzler® are even greater.

Wall mounted and out of the way

Takes up no valuable floor space and makes it easy to install in new or existing premises, ideal for kitchen with limited space.

Suitable for combined drain applications

Because the Grease Guzzler® does not ‘intercept’ grease it is suited for situations involving combine kitchen/foul waste.

Ultra hygienic

No fats or oils are stored on or in the unit therefore there are no odours and no associated mess.


The Grease Guzzler’s dosage rate can be adjusted according to the level of food production. Precise metering allows for precision dosing and minimum wastage.

Manufactured by hand in the UK

Designed, engineered and built in the UK the Grease Guzzler® is covered by a 12 month parts warranty (subject to standard terms and conditions). Full technical support and service back-up is provided by Watling Hope.

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